Caring for Your Jewelery:

Remove your jewelry when:

* When going in the pool or hot tub and when cleaning. Chlorine and ammonia is very hard on gold and can result in “pitting”.

* Going to bed. Sheets can be your own worst enemy, pulling off tips on rings resulting in stone loss or bracelets catching and breaking.

Remember… Have your gemstone and diamond rings checked every six months for wearing and loose stones. Especially the ones you wear most like your wedding ring.

Cleaning Your Jewelry:

There are many brands of jewelry cleaners on the market today but did you know that everything you need is right at home?

The safest way to clean your jewelry and gemstones is with warm water, detergent -free soap and a soft bristled toothbrush. If you have a pulsating dental appliance like a Water Pic, it can be very helpful in jetting out some of the small areas (like the gallery of a ring) where dirt can hide. Finish up with a soft polishing cloth to bring out the luster of your gold, silver or platinum.

Pearls and other soft gems like amber and jet can scratch easily so use a clean makeup brush instead. ** Never use a toothbrush. Lay your pearls flat on a soft towel to dry thoroughly, the silk cord is easily dirtied and will stretch when wet.

The Bench

The bench is where all the magic happens. The bench is to a goldsmith what a canvas and easel are to a master painter. It is where brilliant works of art are created (or saved). If you need a repair or a custom piece of jewelry made, it will spend a short amount of time at this amazing station of mastery.

We use only the finest tools and state of the art equipment while working on your beloved jewelry and go great lengths to ensure the highest care is taken and make sure your jewelry is given to you in exactly the way it was requested.